Jeffrey W. Pearson

Web Application Developer/Manager

Jeffrey W. Pearson

Web Application Architect/Development Manager

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Jeffrey W. Pearson

Web Application Architect/Development Manager

Versatile professional full-stack Web Application Architect and Developer with seasoned experience in full cycle web application development. In-depth experience analyzing business requirements and procedures in order to define, document, and translate customer requirements into design specifications and solutions. Extensive hands-on, full-cycle development experience with web applications working on full stack implementation.


Full Name

Jeffrey Warren Pearson

Current Specialties

Health Information Technology (HIT) Web Application Development, Health Information Technology (HIT) Web Application Architect, Digital Asset Management, Content Management Systems, Digital Libraries, Software Project Management, Health Information Technology, CCDA Specifications and Documents, popHealth, openCDS, CQM rules. I am currently researching the FHIR document specification for personal health records and how to incorporate support into different product platforms included web applications and native mobile data exchanges.


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Computer Service Technology

Saddleback Community College

Studied troubleshooting and repair of personal computers.

Franklin Covey Time and Life Management Training

Franklin Covey

  • 'What Matters Most'
  • Time Management

Apple Computer Certifications

Apple Computer

  • Macintosh Systems Engineer
  • 'Appleshare Network Administration'
  • 'Customer Satisfaction'
  • 'Laserwriter Service' Certification
  • Certified Macinstosh Service and Repair Technician
  • 'Service Certification' Course

Learning Tree University

Learning Tree University

  • Javascript Fundamentals
  • Project Management
  • 3D Modelling
  • Graphic Design Fundamentals

Work Experience

CompuGroup Medical

Software Engineer - November 2013 - Current

Full stack development work on WebEHR developing new features including; adding support for ICD-10/ SNOMED coding systems, and wrote functions to import and export C-CDA and QRDA files. Contributed to other product features in effort to obtain MU2 certification in 2014. Created Java applets to browse user file system to upload images into the EHR system, and integrated Java applets to interface with scanners to scan images into the EHR system and a document viewer/annotator for TIFF and PDF files. Did product research for possible solutions for quality health requirements (CQM and CDS). Current research tasks including implementations for popHealth,openCDS, and the FHIR specification for feature enhancements to webEHR and CGM's future products.

Misc. Contracts

Software Engineer - June 2013 - November 2013

Created custom educational component using 'Content Flow' Javascript library. Created tutorial for beginning developers explaining how to set up a development environment for Adobe AEM. Upgraded web site using Twitter Bootstrap 2.3 to version 3.0 in order to better incorporate responsive design. Migrating web sites from Joomla based CMS to Drupal implementations. Evaluated Backbone.Marionette for custom web site implementation. Creating custom Drupal theme for web site including the implementation of Twitter Bootstrap for leveraging a responsive design solution.


Web Application Developer - June 2012 - June 2013

Wrote command line tool to work with Adobe CQ that allowed the user to bulk import and manage meta-data tags within the DAM. Wrote command line tool to connect to pre-created web services, parse the data and create the JCR data structure suitable for import into Adobe CQ by FileVault. Converted multiple customer web sites to Adobe CQ sites. Worked with customers to gather component requirements, created technical requirements documents, and implemented the coding of specified CQ components. Created Adobe CQ Author documentation for custom CQ components. Created multiple developer guides for working with Adobe CQ/Bootstrap based applications. Worked on command line tool to work with Adobe CQ/Apache Felix JMX Console over RMI and HTTP.


Web Application Developer - June 2011 - November 2011

Created and implemented script to simultaneously deploy code from development to multiple production servers. Assisted with migrating KMS code base from WDK 5.3 base to 6.6 base. Developed and deployed code for KMS to protect the system from ‘drive by’ SQL injection attacks. Developed and deployed code for KMS to log user sessions. Developed and deployed code for KMS to log failed user login attempts. Developed and deployed code for KMS to track user activity within the system. Customized Documentum Webtop to allow for copying and pasting attribute values in IE modal windows.

University of Southern California

Web Application Architect/Developer - April 2003 - May 2011

Lead programmer and Project Manager for versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the Public User Interface for the USC Digital Library. Worked with both internal programmers and external consultant programmers and integrated their work into code base to produce versions 1 and 2 of the Public user Interface. Performed duties as Administrator for Documentum Content/Asset/Document Management System. Wrote and maintained Java programs to support administrative functions including batch content imports, rendition creation, and publishing of content. Provided first point of contact for support of custom applications to users supported developers in the creation of custom applications using the data managed by the system.

Advanced Digital Technology

Web Application Architect/Developer - 2002 - 2003

Evaluated Requirements and created specifications for development of docSilo. DocSilo is a Web-Based Document Retrieval System. I evaluated several server language technologies including php,Cold Fusion, and ASP and determined ASP.NET was the best solution. Functioned as Project Manager and Lead Developer during the development and release cycles of the product.

Payment Resources International

Web Application Architect/Developer - 2001 - 2002

Worked with Senior Software Engineer to design e-commerce solutions. Once designed, executed the development work. Met with customers to determine design requirements for custom features and implementations based on core products. Developed solutions including projected cost analysis and project implementation plan which was then submitted to the Senior Software Engineer for approval by customer. Took multiple projects from inception and design through proof-of-concept and release/maintenance. Examples include online billing systems, online credit card terminals, and online shopping carts.


Product Manager - 2000 - 2001

Worked with marketing department to design feature sets of products. Performed day to day project management of developer staff. Brought applications from inception stage to public release. Products included a mass e-mail engine with Flash template building technology and tracking technology to create reports to see how many people have opened the email as well a viral marketing tracking technology. Designed and implemented policies for CMM Level 3 certification.

CMD Technology

Software Engineer/Application Architect - 1997 - May 2000

Designed and developed corporate internet, intranet, and extranet sites. Produced minimum of one in-house custom workflow application per quarter. Met with appropriate departments to perform requirement analysis. Sample applications included a new-hire asset allocation tool, and a product parts build application, and a problem call-tracker used by the Technical Support department.

MicroNet Technology

Webmaster - 1996 - 1997

Designed and developed technical support section of the corporate web site. Created online documentation sections including FAQ sections, online PDF versions of the user manuals.

Pinnacle Micro

Technical Support Representative - 1994 - 1996

Led migration of technicians from platform-specific (Macintosh and Windows) support of SCSI-based storage peripherals (Magneto-Optical, and Recordable CD drives) to cross-platform trained technicians. Reduced customer hold time from over an hour to under an hour. Assisted developer in development of both Macintosh and Windows based CD Recording software (RCD Mac and RCD-PC) by providing Alpha and Beta testing. Beta Tested both the Vertex and Apex Magneto-Optical Drives. Provided first Technical Support on Internet for the company via e-mail and newsgroup postings.


Field Systems Engineer - 1993 - 1994

Provided on-site field service for PCs and all kinds of peripherals.

MicroNet Technology

Technical Support Representative - 1992 - 1992

Provided phone support to end users for Macintosh line of external SCSI storage systems including hard drives, Magneto-Optical drives, Syquest and other removable media drives.

HCS/Connecting Point Anaheim (aka The Home Computer Store)

Service Manager - 1987 - 1992

Managed service department for chain of retail stores. Managed staff of a dozen technicians. Helped to create and build educational division of company. Met with potential school district representatives in a salessupport function, led group training sessions for teachers. Created and enforced corporate service and support policies for chain. Performed inventory tracking and management for service department. Transformed Service Department from a loss department to a profit center of over $10,000 per month per location.


Professional Skills

  • 100% Complete
    Web Application Development 20 Years
  • 100% Complete
    Web Application Architect 20 Years
  • 50% Complete
    Digital Asset Management 10 Years
  • 65% Complete
    Content Management Systems 13 Years
  • 40% Complete
    Digital Libraries 8 Years
  • 70% Complete
    Software Project Management 14 Years
  • 12.5% Complete
    Health Information Technology 2.5 Years
  • 100% Complete
    Comunication Skills Development 29 Years
  • 90% Complete
    Leadership/Managerial Experience 18 Years
  • 100% Complete
    Confidence 29 Years
  • 40% Complete
    Customer Service/Technical Support 9 Years
  • 70% Complete
    People Management 14 Years
  • 95% Complete
    Requirements Gathering/Analysis and Documentation 19 Years
  • 10% Complete
    e-Commerce 2 Years

Software Skills

  • 12.5% Complete
    CDS (Clinical Decision Support) 2.5 Years
  • 5% Complete
    popHealth 6 Months
  • 12.5% Complete
    CCDA Health Data Specification 2.5 Years
  • 12.5%
    CQM (Clinical Quality Measures) Rules 2.5 Years
  • 2.5 Years
    Adobe Illustrator 2.5 Years
  • 2.5 Years
    Adobe InDesign 2.5 Years
  • 5 Years
    Adobe Dreamweaver 5 Years
  • 10 Years
    Lightwave 3D 10 Years
  • 12 Years
    Microsoft Project 12 Years
  • 12 Years
    Microsoft Visio 12 Years
  • 10 Years
    Luxology Modo 10 Years
  • 25 Years
    Adobe Photoshop 25 Years
  • 11 Years
    Apple Pages/Keynote/Numbers 11 Years
  • 25 Years
    Microsoft Office 25 Years
  • 25 Years
    Microsoft Access 25 Years
  • 8 Years
    Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 Years
  • 2 Years
    Apple Final Cut Pro 2 Years
  • 20 Years
    Version Control Systems (CVS/SVN/Git) 20 Years
  • 20 Years
    Development IDEs:(XCode, WebStorm, phpStorm, IntelliJ, Notepad,vi, Eclipse, Netbeans,Visual Studio) 20 Years

Code Skills

  • 90% Complete
    HTML5 / CSS3 (combined all versions) 20 Years
  • 90% Complete
    Javascript 20 Years
  • 40% Complete
    PHP 8 Years
  • 10% Complete
    Node.js 1 Year
  • 50% Complete
    Java 10 Years
  • 10% Complete
    Cocoa Development (iOS and OS X) 1 Year
  • 40% Complete
    XML 15 Years
  • 20% Complete
    REST/SOAP Web Services 5 Years
  • 40% Complete
    J2EE/JSP (Java Server Pages) 8 Years
  • 10% Complete
    jQuery 2.5 Years
  • 27.5% Complete
    Cold Fusion 5.5 Years
  • 5% Complete
    BlueButton.js 1 Year

Database Technologies

  • 90% Complete
    MySQL 15 Years
  • 40% Complete
    Oracle 8 Years
  • 490% Complete
    MS SQL 20 Years
  • 40% Complete
    Stored Procedures 10 Years
  • 40% Complete
    Triggers 10 Years
  • 90% Complete
    Microsoft Enterprise Manager 20 Years
  • 90% Complete
    MySQL Workbench 15 Years

Operating Systems and Server Applications

  • 100% Complete
    Windows 30 Years
  • 70% Complete
    Windows Server 20 Years
  • 50% Complete
    Linux 15 Years
  • 20 Years
    Server Virtualization Solutions 20 Years
  • 100% Complete
    Macintosh OS X and OS X Server 30 Years
  • 40% Complete
    Solaris 8 Years
  • 100% Complete
    Web Application Servers (Apache HTTP Server,Apache Tomcat/Glassfish Server, Microsoft IIS,NGINX) 30 Years
  • 60% Complete
    Multimedia Streaming Servers (Flash Media Server,Quicktime Streaming Server) 10 Years
  • 40% Complete
    iCal Calendar Server 10 Years
  • 5% Complete
    popHealth 6 Months
  • 5% Complete
    openCDS 6 Months

Content Management Systems

  • 50% Complete
    Documentum 9 Years
  • 10% Complete
    Joomla 6 Months
  • 10% Complete
    Zen-Cart 6 Months
  • 10% Complete
    DSpace 6 Months
  • 10% Complete
    Fedora Commons 6 Months
  • 10% Complete
    ResourceSpace 6 Months
  • 10% Complete
    Moodle 6 Months
  • 15% Complete
    Adobe CQ/AEM 2 Years

Interests and Projects

I have been a 3D Modeling hobbyist for 20 years using most of the available applications including 3D Studio Max, Blender, Lightwave, and Luxology Modo. I am in the middle of setting up an online store to sell my original creations at

Past Project:

Advanced Iron was a fanzine dedicated to Marvel Comics' character Iron Man. It featured original stories and art by contributors from all over the world. My accomplishments for it including taking over the publication of the zine and moving it from a paper magazine, to an online digital zine. Circulation improved from a few dozon, to thousands of downloads per issue.

Developer Projects and Contributions

  • Past Project: aembackup: A small command line utility to back up an Adobe AEM repository.
  • Quote Service: The is a project that I am using to learn a wide variety of new technologies. It incorporates both a server side and multiple client side applications.
    • Server Side: This is a Node.js web service. It picks a random quote from an xml file data store of a list of quotes.
    • (in progress) Quote Service: Mac Client - This is a Mac client. Just a simple Mac application where the user would click a button and the text area would display a random quote from the web service.
    • (in progress) Quote Service: iOS Client - This is an iOS client. Just a simple iPad/iPhone application where the user would tap a button and the text area would display a random quote from the web service.
    • (in progress) Quote Service: Angular Web Component Client - This is an Angular2 component. When the page loads, the component will connect to the web service and display a random quote from the service. I am using this as my learning application for Angular2. My goal will eventually include making this completely skinnable.
  • Bluebutton.js: (in process) BlueButton.js is an open source project. It is a Javascript library for parsing and generating CCDA files. My contributions to this project are currently all internal and company specific. My contributions included being involved with making minor tweaks that were needed specifically by CGM. One example was the ability to parse multiple 'smoking status' entries for a single date.
  • fhirhaus: (in process) fhirhaus is a project that I have just started. It will be an application for iPhones to read/write fhir data files to and from Apple's 'Healthkit'.
  • AngularContentFlow: (in process) AngularContentFlowis another project that I have just started. It will be a web component for Angular2 that will replicate the presentation and functionality of Apple's 'Coverflow' display of images in such applications as iTunes.
  • popHealth: popHealth is an open source server for Clinical Quality Measures reporting. I am currently working on an active install and then will be contributing to the effort of updating it so it can use the most current versions of the U.S. federal governments' rule set.
  • openCDS: openCDS is another open source server for the medical industry. It is a server for the 'Clinical Decision Support' requirements of the U.S. federal governments. It is another project where I plan on contributing back my efforts to use the most recent rule sets.



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